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Welcome to Waste Reduction Week

Compost Tea

One way to use finished compost is to make Compost Tea. Place the compost in a burlap bag and insert it in a barrel of water. Let it steep for a few days. The nutrient-rich tea can then be used on your garden.

plastic drum
screen mesh

Place a tap at the bottom of the drum. Seal it with silicone and place a wire mesh over the tap from the inside of the drum. You can add a lid if you wish.

On a smaller scale, you can fill a watering can half and half with water and finished compost, and let it steep until the compost tea is ready.

This design sheet was originally produced for the Community Composting Education Program in Seattle, Washington.

Recycle My Cell Challenge
Atlas - Ease My Load Campaign
Recycle My Cell Waste Reduction Week in Canada gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the Recycle My Cell national cell phone recycling program. Visit for more information.