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Circular Economy Month Founding Partner - TELUS

Telus is a 2022 Founding Partner of Circular Economy Month. Apps float out of a phone in a colourful display. #CircularEconomyMonth

The growth and transformation of Waste Reduction Week to Circular Economy Month wouldn’t be possible without the support of our program partners over the past twenty years. For 2022 we are pleased to welcome TELUS as a Founding Partner of Canada’s very first Circular Economy Month campaign.

TELUS is committed to leveraging its innovative technology to drive positive change and help address the world’s most pressing social and environmental issues. As one of Canada’s largest telecommunications providers, TELUS is leading initiatives and investing in technologies and business practices that support Canada’s advancement to a circular economy and lead the way to a sustainable future.

The circular economy recognizes a combination of business models that aligns economic, environmental, and social outcomes simultaneously. Through its Bring-It-Back™ and device recycling program and Mobile Klinik®, TELUS is integrating two key circular business models: product life extension and resource recovery.

TELUS Circular Commitments and Achievements:

  • More than 62,000 devices were returned in 2021 through the Bring-It-Back™ program.
  • Over 140,000 used devices were traded in, in 2021
  • In 2021, TELUS had an 15% increase in the volume of refurbished devices through its Certified Pre-Owned Program.
  • TELUS Device Repair Centers refurbish more than 300 pre-loved devices each day. Refurbished devices result in 86% less carbon emissions per year compared to a new device.
  • Since 2005, TELUS has recycled 3.5 million devices and counting.
  • Through Mobile Klinik®, TELUS is supporting its customers to reduce waste and repair electronic equipment. Mobile Klinik is Canada’s leader in professional smartphone and tablet repair, refurbishment and resale with 100 locations across Canada. Buying used devices or repairing old ones keeps devices out of landfills and gives people options that are better for the planet and improve affordability.
  • TELUS has reduced 41% of company-wide GHG emissions since 2010.
  • TELUS has committed to using 100% renewable energy by 2025, having net carbon neutral operations by 2030 or sooner, and being zero waste by 2030.

Learn more about TELUS circular economy and sustainability efforts.

“Environmental sustainability is one of the pillars of TELUS’ commitment to a greater social purpose – to take action to protect our planet. We’re committed to responsible device recycling and ensuring that pre-loved devices are put back into the market to be used multiple times. We do this by reselling devices through our Bring-It-BackTM program or repairing devices at our Mobile Klinik stores, just to name a few.

To date, TELUS and our customers have responsibly recycled over 3.5 million devices and counting; this year alone, we’ve upcycled more than 80,000 used handsets into Certified Pre-owned devices, with potential savings of over 2,000 metric tonnes of carbon emissions each year when compared to selling new devices. These sustainable business practices are part of TELUS’ commitment to reduce its carbon footprint and become a zero-waste, carbon-neutral company by 2030.”

Jim Senko

Executive Vice President and President, Mobility Solutions


“Circular Innovation Council is pleased to partner with TELUS to launch Canada’s very first Circular Economy Month. Circular Economy Month provides us an opportunity to think about how production and consumption effects our environment. It is also a time to celebrate innovation and reimagine how we produce, use, and discard products to increase their value and reduce environmental impacts. 

Woven into our everyday lives, cell phones are a perfect candidate to help Canadians engage in circular practices by purchasing devices that are produced with minimal natural resources, designed for durability, repaired, refurbished, and easy to recycle. These are all characteristics of a product that supports a circular economy. By joining as a founding partner, TELUS is demonstrating its commitment to doing its part of facilitating and promoting Canada’s transition to a circular economy.”

Jo-Anne St. Godard

Executive Director

Circular Innovation Council

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