Sunday: Swap & Repair | Circular Economy Month | Waste Reduction Week in Canada

Sunday: Swap & Repair

To wrap up the week, Canadians from coast to coast will engage with the theme swap and repair - two very simple yet important pillars to the circular economy. Many events planned during the weekend of Waste Reduction Week are swaps or repair cafés that are becoming increasingly popular. Swap & Repair Sunday shows Canadians how simple it can be to extend the life of everyday products, and encourages them to take part in events in their community, school, or workplace to find new life for their unwanted or damaged products and textiles.

An example of the swap and repair economies in action is York Region in Ontario. The region has recently implemented an online tool to improve citizens' circular economy education and their awareness of local share, reuse, and repair resources. Circular Innovation Council is proud to have developed the Share, Reuse, Repair Hub for York Region. Canadian municipalities may email to see how a similar tool can be developed for your region.

The online hub promotes the share, reuse, and repair economies. Reuse: A resource is a product, good, or item. Resources can be used again and again. Giving away used items and buying secondhand can keep resources active within the economy.  Repair: Repairing damaged resources keeps them out of the landfill and reduces demand for new goods. Share: Sharing resources reduces the importance of owning items and promotes public access instead.

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